Shelia Powell

Psychic Empath

I am writing to express my thanks to you for providing me such helpful guidance. I could feel you truly care about the client and have so much compassion and empathy for others. I felt that our connection was very good and your info/insights were very accurate . I am happy to have found you and will seek more guidance from you in the future when needed. You are one of the few who show very sincere and genuine care for their clients!!!

A million thanks again! What you are doing is truly helping me (and many others!)
-D Fox

About a year ago, I was facing the decision to take the reins and direct my first film for the Methodist Church. With Sheila's guidance and direction, I was able to see the path that God wanted me to take. The film "Voice of the Prodigal" has wrapped and is being edited. I am so thankful for Sheila's vision that was so empowering for me in this situation!
-Beth M J
Albany, GA USA

I must tell you, the reading you gave was excellent, I was so happy and overwhelmed to hear from Grandpa again. It brought me extreme joy to hear from him. As for everything else you told me, you were right about career change, I am being promoted. I got assistant manager with manager duties at my jewelry store... it's a great change for me!! Next time you are in town, I would like the chance to get a private any cost!
-Brittany P
Saskatoon SK, Canada

I was amazed at how you knew exactly what was going on in my life. I appreciate your help in understanding more about what my life's purpose is. I hope to book another reading with you very shortly!
-Chris F
Saskatoon SK, Canada

Not only was Shelia funny but she truly cared! She held my hand and cried when I cried. That felt good because I knew she was sharing in my feelings. I will definitely book with her again soon.
-Angie T
Ocala, FL USA

My reading with Shelia hit the target right on!  I was referred to Shelia by someone else and Shelia was able to provide a reading within 10 minutes of my call demonstrating her flexibility and her true gift of being able to connect at a moments notice!  She started the reading by hitting right at the heart of my feelings and challenges that I was trying to work through within the first 3 minutes of the call!  The reading only got more amazing!  I felt a heart connection with Shelia right from the start.  I have had many readings but this is the first one that was so accurate and to the point from someone who I didn't even know!  She empowered and affirmed that I was on the right track on starting my healing business.  I will be recommening Shelia to all my friends!  I intend to stay in touch with her and keep her updated on how my experiences unfold in the next six months.  Blessing to you Shelia for your wonderful gift of empowerment and encouragement!!  You gave me the "lift" I needed to move forward fearlessly and with determination of following my true spirit!!
-Kellie H

Shelia is a blessing from GOD put here on earth as an angel of light to guide us in our time of needs. She has helped guide my path through many trials, tribulations, and struggles. She will always tell you the truth even when it hurts because she is an HONEST person. She is very gifted in her vision, empathy, insight and intuition. She has always been there for me. She always returns the phone call, email and has called just to check up on me. I feel like she is a kindred spirit and I trust her immensely. She is loyal, trustworthy, and confidential. She has helped me to understand issues, guide me though tough times in my relationships and career hardships. I will always stay in contact with Shelia and she will always be in my prayers. She is truly a gift from GOD. Her purpose here in this world is to help save people from anguish, anxiety, harm, hurt, pain, sadness, loneliness and give them insight into the future with hope and light.
-R. C.
Memphis, TN

I had my first reading with Shelia a few weeks ago. For me it was a true blessing to hear from my friends and parents who passed. She was able to accurately describe their personalities. Sheila even went into my past lives. She gave me a name and the war I fought in. To my astonishment I researched and found myself on Google. What is even more strange, I remember going from my current residence in Mass. to visit a with a friend her Mom in So. Pa. and even visit the park I was buried in. Of course I didn't know that back in 1980. That is the only time I visited Pa, those 4 days
-Eddie Dalton
Sebastian, Fl.
We had Shelia out for a reading about a month ago. I was a little skeptical in the beginning but Shelia made me feel so comfortable. She was right on target about everything we spoke about but most impressive was her comment concerning my grand daughter. My grand daughter has a large hemangioma on the back of her head. We asked her opinion on this matter and Shelia said that it was wrapped around something but she would be fine. We had had a cat scan done a few weeks before and was told that it was fine and would shrink as she got older so when I heard Shelia say it was wrapped around something, I immediately thought, WRONG!!. Well, about a week later the Dr. ordered an MRI on the baby's head and, to our surprise, were told that the hemangioma was wrapped around the carotid artery. Shelia is amazing. She is also the nicest person you'll ever meet. We love her!
-Deb and Sarah F
Palm Beach, FL
Talking with her is like talking to a good friend. I am given peace of mind, security and trust in myself. Learning about my animal totems and sprit guides has taught me how to make my life stronger, happier and richer. I have learned to trust my intuition. It is through the readings that I was able to protect myself and my child from abuse. I was able to find inner strength to deal with the death of a parent. I will continue to call on Shelia as a friend and mentor for as long as we are able.
-Bonny Johnson
SK, Canada
At the time of my reading I had relative in crisis that I worried about constantly. Sheila's down to earth manner put me at ease immediately. The first thing she said to me was, "You're not here because of a problem with a relationship." She said that as she prepared for the reading earlier in the day a saying that she doesn't use kept running through her mind. When she asked me what it meant to me I couldn't believe it! My relative in crisis was using this saying about 20 ties a day! (It's not a common saying of today) She then told me the situation and explained the motives and mind set of the person that set it into action (that person now deceased) It was so clear. I was able to give my relative very helpful feedback but most of all, I was able to clearly see the person's viewpoint and let go of the hostility I was feeling.
Boynton Beach, FL
I searched for months for someone who could possibly connect me with my mother who had passed. I wasn't feeling her presence any more so I needed to fill the void. I went through dozens of websites and researched many mediums and I kept coming back to Shelia's website. I finally managed to get up the nerve to seek her services, especially because she states that she lets the Spirits guide her and makes no promises. Shelia is such a warm and personable medium. I respected her for her upfront stance in that she never made promises to me. My visit was not what I expected as the Spirits decided that I was not to hear from my mother or father and Shelia explained the situation to me. With her help and a very special young man she was able to help my mother cross over which provided me with a sense of peace. Shelia has become such a wonderful friend and so full of optimism. Shelia, thank you for all you do.
Vickie Arango