Shelia Powell

Psychic Empath

What to expect from me as an empathic reader:
I am an Empathic Psychic. This means that I have the ability to take on my client's personality traits, emotions, and feelings when I am doing a reading for them. During our time together I may touch your shoulder or hold your hand. While touching you, I am able to feel your emotions, both good and bad. I can literally take your burdens from you and take them onto myself while I am reading you. This doesn't mean that I will free you of all of your emotional baggage and hurt. But during our time together, I will significantly lighten your load. You will possibly feel much lighter when you leave the session as well. Also with this ability I can see where you've been, what has made you the person you are today, and where you are going. Many times I can see your loved ones as well as their issues. I believe that psychic reading sessions should be enlightening, therapeutic, and loving. I feel that if by using my abilities, I can help people in some small way, then I am doing my part to give back. So, how may I help you today?

Why have a past life reading:
You may experience some curiosity of previous time in history or the roles that you may have played. You could also suffer from phobias of fears that you do not understand and a past life reading may give you some insight into where these originated. You could recognize some periods of history or experience deja vu in a certain place and this could actually be from living there previously. Interpersonal relationships could also be affected by our past lives. By knowing some of these things we can let go and move forward on this life's journey.

What is an Angel Card Reading and how can it help me:
Many people know what a Tarot card reading is but not an Angel card reading. Simply put, and Angel card reading is a way to receive Angelic guidance. The Angels are always around us and want to help, but due to free will we MUST ask for this help. So, by asking, they happily give us the answers that we need at this time! You simply ask a question or questions and prepare to get the proper guidance. The reader will shuffle and draw the cards, read their meanings, and tune into any thoughts, feeling, impressions, and/or visions that the Angels may be sending. The Angels are ALWAYS happy to help, we simply have to ask.

Do you promise that my "Uncle Fred" will come through:
No, I make no promises or guarantees. I can only give to you what Spirit brings forth. .I have no control as to what Spirit gives. I can however try to cover as much of what you want as possible. I am usually able to do this and very rarely am I disappointed.

You can't read me... Why?:
Many times you do not need the reading at this time. Maybe you are not supposed to be aware of what is coming. This may sound ominous, but it's not. It just means that it is not time to know yet. It could also mean that the chemistry between us is just not right. This can happen. Don't forget we are human too. As much as we try to stay in the light, sometimes we are in a bad mood too. I won't do your reading if that is the case, it would be unfair to you. Maybe you are too close minded. If you are a huge skeptic and looking to prove us wrong, please just don't call. I have a limited amount of time to work with people and don't have the energy to entertain you.