Shelia Powell

Psychic Empath

I am a member of:

The American Associations of Psychics & Mediums:

The American Associations of Psychics & Mediums is an exclusive group of professional intuitives who have agreed to utilize their psychic gifts with integrity and conscience.  To belong to this organization, your business ethics must meet our standards of excellence.

Best Psychic Directory

The Best Psychic Directory is a directory where you can find psychics and mediums listed by location, read reviews about these psychics and mediums written by other people, and write your own reviews for other people to read.


ParaNexux is a global professional association of progressive paranormal investigators and researchers, parapsychologists, crypto zoologists, ufologists, psychically gifted individuals, and enthusiasts focused on understanding the human condition through the scientific study of paranormal and psychical phenomena, its reality, its reach, and its impact on humanity.


The SPIRITeam (Scientific, Paranormal, Investigation, Research and Identification Team) comprised of professional men and women, managers, counselors, educators, scientists, authors, teachers, paramedic firefighters, paralegals, ex-military, and other vocations who all have an above average interest in seeking the truth of paranormal phenomena. Please contact one of our offices if we can be of service with paranormal investigations!

Ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church
Certified Paranormal Investigator
Certified Reiki Healer
Working on my Masters in Metaphysical Studies
Student of life
Past Life Regressionist