Shelia Powell

Psychic Empath

12 Steps to a Successful Reading

Step 1: Email or call with a request for a reading with a couple of preferred reading dates and times. My assistant or I will contact you quickly with either a confirmation of the requested time, or a request for a new time. Please enclose your phone # if you email. If you call and do not get and answer, PLEASE leave a message!

Step 2: Select the amount of time you'd like to purchase by viewing the options on the pricing page. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can easily and quickly open one for free by going to If you need to pay by money order, please talk to me or my assistant about how to do this. Reading cannot take place until payment is received.

Step 3: Please keep an open mind and listen carefully to all information coming through, this will make sure you receive a successful and gratifying reading. If you are close minded, interpreting any information may become to difficult. It also helps if you can sit quietly with your legs and arms uncrossed during the reading.

Step 4: Please make sure that you will not be interrupted during the reading. This makes it easier for the both of us to stay focused on the task at hand. This means no phone calls, children playing loudly in the background, no music, go to the bathroom, focus, etc. I do understand things happen, but it just takes away from the reading. Also, please do not expect a reading if you are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. I will simply end the reading if I feel that you are under the influence.

Step 5: No one is ever 100% accurate. You always have free will and can change the outcome of things that may come through in a reading by simply changing your thinking and behaviors! KNOW THIS TO BE FACT! Please be ready for a truthful session. If you want vague answers, I am not the reader for you.

Step 6: Try to know things about your family history such as names of the people in your family, how they passed, any important dates such as birth dates, anniversaries, etc. If you are married or with a significant other, try to find out these things from their side of the family as well. This can help you to validate things during the session and help us move forward in the reading more quickly.

Step 7: Please be open to whomever may come through as well as what they have to say. It is not up to us who comes through or what information they may have to give you. As always, that is up to Spirit. You may want to talk to Uncle Fred and Aunt Mavis may come through, even though you didn’t even like Aunt Mavis…but Uncle Fred may be busy and Aunt Mavis may have some information that you need for a situation. You may be able to increase the likelihood of having the person that you want to come through simply by requesting for them to show up for a few days before your reading. You can do this through prayer, meditation, writing them a short letter, or simply by asking them! I may ask whom you want to come through if no one comes through. Not all readings are mediumship readings and many times your loved ones may not have any information for you at this time. However, sometimes just saying their name will bring them through pretty quickly…again, remember Spirit is in charge… not yourself or me!

Step 8: If you do not understand information being given, please write it down and check with family and/or friends after the reading. You will get “psychic amnesia”! This simply means that you will forget everything that you have ever known about anyone in your life. Therefore, take good notes and you may remember that the “Mike” that came through was actually your dad…don’t worry, this happens to most everyone! Again, try to be as open as you can. Most validations will actually take place after the reading is over. Shelia can only give you the information that she gets from Spirit and interpret the information to the best of her ability. Please don’t try to make things “fit”.

Step 9: Do not volunteer any information unless specifically asked. I will generally ask you “Do you understand that” or “does that make sense to you”. Please respond with an "I understand" or "I am not so sure" or simply “yes” or "no" or your variations of these phrases. Remember that I have to interpret a lot of information that may be strange to me so be calm in your answers because the interpretation may take a bit of time to completely understand . Trust that you will get the information to the best of my ability!

Step 10: I try to get names and descriptions of the people that come through however sometimes I may only sense the persons personality, get initials, get names that sound like other names such as Harry for Harold, or even Harry for Gary. I may only know that “Grandma” was short, round, and wore flowered dresses. This is how Spirit sometimes comes through. Be patient! Lots of information is coming in and again is left up to my mortal interpretation.

Step 11: Please make a list of questions that you want covered. At the end of the reading, I will ask you to go over your list of written question and make sure that they were covered during the reading. At this time, you can ask anything on the list that was not covered. Most of the questions on your list will probably have been answered! Some things will go unanswered sometimes, this is usually due to you not needing to have that information at this time. This is Spirits way to insure that you received what was needed at this time. Due to my busy schedule, I try not to go over more than 15 minutes on readings

Step 12: I will telephone you at your appointed time. Please be available for your phone call on time. If after 15 minutes of calling you do not answer, I will cancel the reading with no refund. You will however have the chance to reschedule. I do the telephoning, there is never a per minute fee or long distance charge to yourself in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada and many other countries. DO NOT use a cell phone for your reading as I have a tendency to drain the batteries of most electronic gadgets. Also, there is more likely to be a poor connection with a cell phone. If a cell is all you have, we will try it, but no promises are made. Also, please no speaker phones as it is hard to hear you which makes reading all that much harder. You may tape the session if you want, just please let me know beforehand. Also, please let me know if you want me to tape the reading for you. I can do this and mail it to you.

All cancellations MUST be made no less than TWO DAYS prior to the session. Any cancellations after that will not be refunded. If you must cancel due to an unforeseen emergency, you may apply your payment to another reading within the following 30 day period.

By purchasing a reading from Shelia Powell, you are agreeing to any terms and conditions contained on this page.

If you have questions about this information, please do not hesitate to contact me or my assistant.